NEEDED: Personal Care Assistant


We are looking for at least one or two aides who can work with Oscar this summer first and foremost, but also beyond that. No previous experience necessary!  Check out our ad below, with more info below that. To apply, please send resume and letter explaining why you would be a good fit to be Oscar’s aide, and why you want this job to Sally, David, and Oscar at

The Basic Info:

• We are looking for someone who can begin training ASAP to work with Oscar approximately 3 days/week, roughly 7:30 am-4:30 pm, for most of July & August.

• Requirements: 18YO+; non-smoker; proof of COVID vaccine; able to lift/maneuver 80 lbs.; willing to wear KN95 mask.

• Pay: $13.20/hour

• Please read ad below for important information about Oscar and the job responsibilities.

• We’re also interested in finding one or more aides who can begin training anytime during the summer for some evening shifts (roughly 8:00 pm-9:30 pm) that would continue into the fall and beyond.


Oscar Aide ad June 2022

What is a personal care aide or assistant? you might ask. It’s kind of like a babysitter, but at age 13 Oscar is too old for that—he just needs someone around to help him with various things throughout the day, like getting up and and getting dressed because like most teenagers he likes to sleep in past when his parents have to leave for work. An aide can be a cool person to do fun things with throughout the day. Other times Oscar might want to just hang out alone listening to music or drawing or hanging with friends, but needs someone nearby in case he needs some assistance.

This could be a great position for a nursing student or a PT or OT student not only because the experience someone will gain with things like transfers and basic daily care, along with becoming familiar with the range of equipment Oscar uses (power wheelchair, stander, BiPAP, cough assist, TLSO and KAFO bracing, etc), but also because Oscar is a remarkable self-advocate. He is very comfortable in his skin, he is filled with disability pride, and can offer a valuable perspective on how ordinary living with a disability can be, along with perspective on the kinds of barriers (lack of accessibility, sure, but also ableism) he is faced with regularly.

We might be a little biased, but he’s also really fun to hang around with!

All of that said, it is NOT necessary to have any background in or aspirations toward a medically-related field to work with Oscar.


You can get a little more of a sense of who Oscar is by checking out his interview about disability rights on Connections with Evan Dawson from October, 2019, as well as his feature in CITY newspaper in December of 2019. Of course these are almost 3 years old, but you’ll get an idea of his advocacy skills!